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Juventus coach threatens to play U-23 against Roma

Juventus coach Sari, angry over the Serie A fixture list, has threatened to let the U-23s play in the Serie A final. Juventus, who have won the Scudetto for nine years in a row, face Roma on Saturday for the fifth time in 12 days. Juventus have been in fine form since the resumption of the Serie A campaign in June, but lost 0-2 to Cagliari in their last game. This is Juventus’ third defeat since the start of the season.

“It’s worrying to concede 40 goals this season. But tonight is not a worry. “We have injured players and we have to play 68 hours after winning the Scudetto. This match is not normal. We are the only European team to play five games in 12 days. We have to see the situation tomorrow. “We have to see if we can play against the U-23 team against Roma to keep the team strong.”