Fabinho’s home was broken into while he was celebrating with Liverpool

Brazilian midfielder Fabinho has broken into his home and stolen a car with jewels while celebrating winning the Premier League with his Liverpool team-mates. Fabinho and his family were not at home when the burglary took place. The burglary took place between 3pm on Wednesday and 4am on Thursday. It was at this time that Liverpool won the Premier League title after a 5-3 win over Chelsea, which was attended by Fabinho’s family.

Police have confirmed that a gray Audi RS6 car was stolen with gems in a burglary in Forbes. The Audi was recovered from Wigan shortly after the burglary. Last season, the home of Liverpool winger Mane was broken into while playing in the Champions League against Bayern Munich. In the last two years, Lobran, Fermino ပိ ပိ ရ နော်၊ Daniel Agger The homes of Jazi Dudek were also broken into.