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The owner of Crystal Palace questioned whether the VAR system was broken after the game against United

After a 0-2 defeat to United, Crystal Palace owner Steve Paris has questioned whether the VAR system is broken. The minutes before Rashford opened the scoring for United were rejected by referee Stockley Park, who refused to review the VAR system. Lindeoff kicked Zaha’s leg in the penalty area and pulled it down, but Stoke Le Park did not stop. Is the VAR system failing? It is a confirmation question. It took me minutes to decide if Sakho was touched, but I didn’t even look at the incident. “Most United fans are biased and know that this is a penalty.”

Sakho’s goal in the 2-0 defeat to Villa was denied by the VAR. Former United defender Rio Ferdinand and former midfielder Peter Weaton, who are currently working as athletes at BT Sport, have also suggested that Zaha should be penalized by Zinedine Zidane’s dismissal. Jordan Ue scored a goal in this match, which was considered as an offense by VAR and did not give a goal to Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson has commented that the VAR has changed the outcome of the game.